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5 Writing Jobs you can do from home to make extra money fast

If you’re working on your computer, you’ve probably realized that diversification is key. For best results, it is recommended to have varied work projects coming in from different sources. This way, you can expand your portfolio, get diverse work experiences, and have several sources of income.

Here are 5 options for you to get started making extra money from your writing.


Blogging is how a lot of writers start out. Just remember that you won’t be an overnight success. You need to build up a portfolio of work, post regularly, and use SEO tactics to help people find your content.

There are many free platforms out there, such as WordPress, to help you get started making your own blog. Regardless of your niche –  film reviews, fashion advice, or recipes – you need to figure out what makes you unique. Moreover, you need to know how to attract people who might be interested in your niche and produce content consistently with them in mind.

Once your blog is up and running, you may want to take out some ads on the site to start generating revenue.

Guest Blogger

Not ready to create your own blog yet? Guest blogging on other platforms can be a great way to get started. It can also help amp up the traffic to your own blog by creating a network of information links to other material. This way, you can get noticed through comments, and even get bigger blogs to check out your stuff.

Guest blogging means gaining more visibility. In turn, this means having more potential visitors to your content, and more potential financial opportunities for you!


You won’t make money from your writing standing still (or sitting still). Creating and sending out a professional resume, taking out an ad, and making profiles on job hunting sites are easy ways to get yourself noticed.

This is the best way to nail a copyediting job, which means that you’ll be reviewing other writers’ content for errors and sending it back to the company that commissioned it.

Sometimes, sending a pitch directly to the company of interest is the best way to get noticed. They’ll probably be looking for someone with experience, so take small jobs from freelance sites first and work up a copyediting portfolio and contact list.

Article Writer

Of course, you may also want to become a content writer rather than an editor (although, both wouldn’t hurt). Many companies are constantly looking for people to create their content. Whether you work for a company or through a third-party client, article writing is a great way for new writers to make money.


You may be wondering what the difference is between a copyeditor and proofreader. Copyeditors do a lot more than fix typos: they also correct flow, check facts and change the content to make sure it’s structured properly.

Proofreaders are the last line of defense between the text and the reader. They finetune the grammar and make sure everything is finished.

Proofreading positions generally require more attention to detail. However, companies that hire them often want to fill expert positions to ensure their content (everything from marketing campaign emails to technical manuals) is perfect.